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Swale Vehicle Enthusiasts Club


Founded in 1988, the Swale Vehicle Enthusiasts Club (SVEC) is a friendly club catering for all types of vehicular transport. Our current members have a range of vehicles including cars, commercial vehicles, motor-cycles, military transport and other types which date from pre-war vehicles to modern day classics.

We make no demands for any particular age, make, condition or type as long as our Members are enthusiastic and passionate about vehicles, whether petrol, diesel, steam or even electrically propelled. To be a Club Member you don't even need to own a vehicle, as long as you have the interested in them.

There are many benefits to be gained as a member of SVEC:

In addition,
SWALE VEHICLE ENTHUSIASTS CLUB (SVEC) is a member of the FEDERATION OF HISTORIC VEHICLE CLUBS (FBHVC) and we, as members of the FBHVC, are entitled to a number of benefits
One of which is discounted classic car insurance! Just mention when you are renewing or getting a quote that you are a member of SVEC and you will get a discount. Normally our members can save more than the cost of the annual Club subscription. That can't be bad!

We have lots of very knowledgeable and friendly members who are only too happy to help out and advise on any motoring query you may have.

Just fill in an application form (Click) and send it off with the required remittance and we will welcome you at our next social evening.

The 2019 Show will take place on Sunday 2nd June 2019 at the Sheppey Sports Club.
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Annual show June 2018

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